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“We partner with companies and individuals to address their unique needs, providing training and coaching that helps working professionals achieve their career goals.”


“Always trying to develop innovative solutions for the problems, we are confident, creative, and passionate.”

The fast pace of modern business means that good leaders are those who always keep growing. Custom Scholar’s non-degree programs will immerse you in cutting-edge thinking from world-renowned scholars and experts. You will get back to your organization re-energized and able to inspire growth at all stages.

Our team is responsive, dedicated, and ready to take the extra mile for our learners. We are a rising and ever-evolving institution, but we never underestimate that the behaviors that set us apart are our friendly manner, our integrated approach, and our creative approach. We’re unique, we’re one of a kind. Browse our training course list to find out what you’d like to learn about. We have courses in a variety of subjects, and we’re always adding more. The duration of the courses varies. Most of them are six to ten weeks long, but we also have shorter courses of two and three weeks.

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“I always wanted to contribute in making this world a better place by education. By empowering people with knowledge people can become self-dependent.”


Lionel Fotseu, C.E.O of Custom Scholar, is a practitioner and leader in the use of Lean and Agile methods for organizational transformation. From the very start, Lionel Fotseu has been on a mission to create healthier organizations by developing peoples’ skills in digital marketing, IT and Agile methodologies.

He believes He has built trusting relationships and facilitated creative learning programs that deliver results for many clients and employees.

Lionel has worked effectively for 15 years advising, supporting, enabling, and teaching STEM courses in all four corners of the United States.

As a coach he has worked with teams, individuals and leadership on their Agile transformations, both large and small. He believes that the most important piece of any transformation is to build the skills in the teams to build and continuously improve the process.

He has provided direction and vision to highly talented teams while fostering agile pair programming techniques to ensure knowledge transfer and equipping of junior developers as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach.

Lionel is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), a SSM, and PSM II Scrum Master.


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